Want to make a difference?

ORFH makes it happen

ORFH's mission is to improve the lives of farmworkers and low-income individuals in rural communities through affordable housing, advocacy, building financial assets and other innovative solutions. We achieve our mission by helping our clients (nonprofits, public housing authorities and others) to plan, finance, locate and construct affordable housing on time and within budget.

In rural Washington, the success of agriculture, particularly with top crops such as tree fruits, grapes and hops, relies upon a stable agricultural workforce.  Agricultural workers need safe, affordable, decent housing.

Farm laborers work in one of the most dangerous industries, where they may be exposed to pesticides, deadly heat waves, lack of water and sanitation, hazardous or unsafe equipment and other threats. These workers may travel from farm to farm, or from crop to crop, or from task to task, following the season and labor demands.

In a tight labor market, providing housing can make the difference between attracting workers and having crops rot unharvested. For farmworkers and their families, affordable housing means enhanced safety, security, stability and an opportunity to move forward to make a better life for themselves.  Farmworker, seasonal agricultural and other rural housing development makes a difference for these workers, their families, employers, and everyone who benefits from Washington State agriculture around the world.